Saturday, March 31, 2012

IP Reflection

Though I liked the IP, I felt like I lost motivation halfway through because it was so drawn out. I was interested in my subject initially and made significant headway early on, but then lost enthusiasm as we were supposed to do repetitive research labs (I was already past that point in the paper). Also, I thought the assignment was too structured. Though data research is useful, I enjoy using logic and a more creative approach. Though I am hoping my lack of boring facts will not be detrimental to my grade, I will not be surprised if my comments include one tho the effect of "use more relevant sources." In conclusion, it was an OK assignment, but I am glad for it to be over.

Monday, March 19, 2012

English: The Universal Language

First I give an example of a universal language among a people and how it brought them together.
Then I state my thesis that there should be a universal language and it should be English.

Statement and division of subject:
I break down my main point and give the logic side of why there should be one Global Language.

This is where I bring in data/facts to support my thesis. I also move from the idea that there should be a universal language to the idea that that language should be English.

Pathetic reasoning?.....
Give an example of how people are having to conform to others' ignorance of communication or something of that sort... Not sure where I'll go with this yet.

State my main points and establish that a Global Language is the first step in world peace.

Best band ever

Monday, March 12, 2012

So everyone is posting pictures of beaches from their own hometowns. Here is the best it gets back in Detroit. The Rouge Factory, Detroit MI.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Writing Canter

I honestly believe I was too far along in the process to use the suggestions they gave me. Either I would have to go a different direction from where I am, or I would have to abandon the type of logic I like to use in my writing to conform to the guidelines they suggested.
If I had gone earlier in the process, I might have been helped by those in the research lab, but I believe hard work on my part--or at least competence in the Google Scholar function--is more effective than suggestions made by the tutors.
I think the labs are a good resources for some, but not for others.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Four Sources

A world language: will it be English?

A scholarly article written to an audience of English speakers. Upholds the idea that English is the language of those who are successful.

Kidnapping and Hostage
Survival Guidelines

Though it seems unrelated at first; this article establishes the idea that to survive a hostage situation, the best thing to do is connect with one's captors. Just as it is hard for a captor to kill a someone he is acquainted with, it is hard for friends to kill each other and the first step to building friendship is communication.

English as a Global Language

An explanation of how English came to have the global power it has in today's world. A scholarly article also written to English speakers to justify the dominance of English.

Native Speakerism

Stating that even among English speakers there is contention, Holliday argues that the prejudice against "non-native speakers" must me addressed. Shortly after September 11, the nationalism felt had negative consequences against "non-native speakers" and for true unity we, as a people, need to change the paradigm of disunity we live by. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

English: The Language of Unity

As the people of Nimrod showed when defying God as a population, the most unifying thing a race can hold together is language. When God cursed the people and made them unable to communicate, he provided the ultimate barrier—the inability for a man to understand his fellow beings. Because of this, the wars and disputes of the past 10,000 years have sprung up and resulted in the death of billions of human beings. It seems that the first step in World Peace is not to accept diversity, but instead to create unity by standardizing the language of the human race.

Monday, February 27, 2012

IP (Yes, that is the official acronym for this paper)

English: The Global Language
Should we, as the human race, adopt a uniform language?
Would this uniformity among all peoples create a better world with less war and contention?
If an international language is adopted, should that language be English?

Solving the issue of no child left behind (possible satire)
Realizing that it is impossible to have a society where every child is above average--or even average for that matter--stop expending resources on the "duds." There is a place in this world for everyone, and while for some this may be a university, for others it is not. Tier schools and have an exam to determine which school a student will attend. Then, the real stars will shine because they are not held back and the others will be able to have a job suited to them

Appropriate response to Iran's nuclear weapon development program
Iran wants the bomb—atomic bomb that is—and the rest of the world doesn't know what to do. While the Israeli's are threatening with air raids, the French (who, coincidentally, are a lot further away from Iran than Israel)  are supplying Iran with gaseous diffusion chambers for uranium enrichment. While something must be done, the real question is what, exactly?